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Welcome to ATIS 2015

The 6th International Conference on Applications and Technologies in Information Security (ATIS2015), will be the sixth event in the ATIS series, which started in 2010. As academic research in information security has developed over the last twenty or so years, applications and techniques are being developed to be of specific use in this area. These include wavelets and their applications in digital forensics, classification algorithms for use in malicious software detection, and genetic algorithms custom-made for the cryptographic community, etc.

ATIS 2015 focuses on all aspects on techniques and applications in information security research. The purpose of ATIS is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of innovative ideas, research results, applications and experience from around the world as well as highlight activities in the related areas. The annual ATIS conference highlights new results in the design and analysis of digital security hardware and software implementations. ATIS provides a valuable connection between the theoretical and implementation communities and attracts participants from industry, academia, and government organizations.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. C. Pandu Rangan
(Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Prof. Jintai Ding
(Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
University of Cincinnati